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Physical Navigation & Cognition

We are currently collaborating with a professor from the Psychology Department here at VT researching the effects of physical navigation on cognition. We will be using large high resolution displays and analyzing the enhancement of spatial memory.

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Collaborative Sensemaking

We studied co-located collaborative sensemaking on a large, high-resolution display and investigated the sensemaking strategies adopted, territorial behavior, and large display usage. The analysis was completed on a small dataset of 50 text-only documents, allowing the participants the ability to read all documents and synthesize their knowledge into a hypothesis within a two-hour time frame.

The preliminary results of this study were presented at INTERACT '11 in Lisbon, Portugal.

Giga Pixel

Giga Pixel has it's own site! Head there for more information:
Giga Pixel Site


The GigaPixel Display Laboratory at Virginia Tech's Center for Human-Computer Interaction is a flexible facility supporting advanced research on future user interfaces and visualization. The facility integrates a diverse equipment including:

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ChairMouse is an embodied interaction technique that couples cursor location with the attention of users through capturing chair movements.


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