Members of the InfoVis Group

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Chris North - Professor

Current Students

John Wenskovitch - PhD Student
Mai Dahshan - PhD Student
Yali Bian - PhD Student


Alex Endert - Alumni
Beth Yost - Alumni
Bob Ball - Alumni
Caleb Reach - Alumni
Glenn Fink - Alumni
Haeyong Chung - Alumni
Jagathshree S Iyer - Masters Student
Ji Wang - PhD Student
Lauren Bradel - Alumni
Maoyuan Sun - Alumni
Michelle Dowling - PhD Student
Ming Wang - Masters Student
Moeti Masiane - PhD Student
Patrick Fiaux - Alumni
Peng Mi - Alumni
Purvi Saraiya - Alumni
Radha Krishnan ... - Masters Student
Sid Holman - Masters Student
Tianyi Li - PhD Student
Xin Chen - Alumni