Information Visualization

Demo List

HomeFinder Maryland, Old PC executable Uses "Dynamic Queries" Interface to explore database of houses.
Parallel Coordinates VT, Web Applet Transforms multivariate relations into 2-D patterns.
XmdvTool WPI Includes parallel coordinates, glyphs.
Star Coordinates IBM Almaden, JAVA Application Projecting Star Co-ordinates as points in a projection plane with radial axes.
Table Lens (Eureka)
Inxight, PC executable
web applet
Supports visualizing an entire data table as well as zooming in on specific items.
Query Previews Maryland, web applet Interactive histograms for Dynamic Queries on massive data.
Excentric Labels Maryland, Web Applet A dynamic technique to label a neighborhood of objects located around the cursor. 
Lifelines Maryland, Web Applet Uses individual timelines to display medical conditions or legal cases.
Fisheye Menus Maryland, Web Applet An Example of Focus + Context display.
Jazz (Pad++ descendent) Maryland, Web Applet Infinitely zoomable 2-D surface.
Bifocal image browser Maryland Uses the concept of focus+context.
Leung's Bifocal Map Swinburne, PC executable Uses the concept of focus+context.
Moosburg Focus+Context Map VT, Web Applet A graphical- based virtual environment.
Hyperbolic Tree (Star Tree)
Inxight, Web Applet Distorts a large tree layout with a hyperbolic transformation.
WebTOC Maryland, Web Applet Visualizes Web sites by occupying the frame to the left of the home page it represents.
Treemap 3.0
Maryland Visualizes hierarchical data using slice-n-dice.
Map of the Market, Web Applet Visualizes Consumer Market using treemap hierarchical structure.
Cheops CRIM, Web Applet Visualizes very large trees.
Spring Graph Layout SUN, Web Applet automated graph layout
Visual Thesaurus ThinkMap, Web Applet An Exploration of term relationships within English Language.
Document Collections: Web Applet Lays out documents like a geographic map.
TileBars Berkeley, Web Applet Visualizes search terms in documents as the result of a search.
Win3D ClockWise, PC executable 3D desktop workspace
Visible Human Explorer Maryland, Unix executable Assists in browsing and retrieving images from the visible human.
Voxel-Man Hamburg, quicktime VR Visualizing images in 3-D space.