cs5984:  Information Visualization

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Aug 28:  Overview and introduction Aug 30Visualization Design Principles
  • Notes
  • Book chapter 4
  • Purvi's demos, Friday Aug 31, 4pm, McBryde 102c
Sept 4Multi-dimensional data
  • Notes
  • Book chapter 3
  • Inselberg, "Multidimensional detective" (parallel coordinates),  paper, demo, notes, [Ganesh, Christa]
  • Kandogan, "Star coordinates",  paper, demo, notes, [Rohit, David]
Sept 6Multi-dimensional data 2
Sept 11Dynamic Queries
  • Notes
  • Book chapter 5
  • Tweedie, “Externalizing Abstract Math Models” (Influence/Attribute Explorer), paper, notes, video, [Wang, Alli]
  • Doan, “Query Previews”, paper, page and demos, notes, [Vikrant, Anuj]
Sept 13Multi-dimensional functions
  • Notes
  • guest:  Sanjini, "Radial, Focus+Context approach", notes, page
  • Feiner, "Worlds within Worlds", paper, page, notes, [Sandip, Ben]
  • vanWijk, "Hyperslice", paper, notes, [Kumar, Kunal]
  • Project Proposals due
Sept 181-D Sept 201-D
  • Notes
  • guest:  Marcus Beale, "Virtual School Visualization", notes
  • Mackinlay, “Perspective Wall”, paper, page, notes, video, [Ahmed, Ganesh]
  • Hibino, “MMVIS”, paper, page, notes, [Atul, Dhananjay]
Sept 25Empirical Evaluation
  • Notes
  • Robertson, “Data Mountain”, paper, notes, [Quoc, Reenal]
Sept 27Visualization Development
Oct 22-D
  • Notes
  • Powers of Ten
  • Plaisant, “Intermediate views”, paper, notes, [Abhi, Sandeep]
  • Lieberman, “Macroscope: Powers of Ten Thousand”, paper, page, notes, [Anusha, Mrinmayee]
Oct 42-D: focus+context
  • Notes
  • guest:  Wendy Schafer, "Moosburg"
  • Robertson, “Document Lens”, paper, page, notes, video, [Priya, Parool]
  • Leung, “Bifocal Displays”, paper, page, notes, [Alex, Qiang]
  • Homework #2 due
Oct 9Visual Overview Strategies
  • Notes
  • guest:  Umer Farooq, "DataWear", notes
  • Stasko, “Information Mural”, paper and page, notes, [Ben, Ahmed]
  • Rayson, “Aggregate Towers”, paper, notes, [Anil, Supriya]
Oct 11Multiple View Strategies
  • Notes
  • guest:  Nathan, "Snap2"
  • Chi, “Visualization Spreadsheet”, paper, page, notes, [Mudita, Abhi]
  • North, “Snap-Together Visualization”, paper, page, notes, [Varun, Kumar]
Oct 16Trees Oct 18Trees
Oct 23Peripheral Visualization Oct 25Virtual Environments
Oct 30Networks Nov 1Networks
Nov 6Document Collections Nov 8Document Collections
  • Notes
  • Bederson, “Image Browsing”, paper, page, notes, [Rui, Anusha]
  • Card, “WebBook & Web Forager”, paper, page, video, notes, [Mrinmayee, Ming]
Nov 13:  3-D data
  • Notes
  • Kniss, “Interactive volume rendering with direct manipulation”, paper, page, notes, [Xueqi, Mahesh]
Nov 15:  Workspaces
Nov 20:  Thanksgiving Break Nov 22:  Thanksgiving Break
Nov 27:  Debates
  • Notes
  • Kobsa, “Empirical comparison of commercial infovis systems”, paper, page, notes, [Kunal, Zhiping]
Nov 29:  How (not) to lie with visualization
Dec 4Class Project Presentations
  • Projects and notes
  • Visualization in the Periphery
    • David, Christa, Ali, Jon
  • Visualizing Multi-D functions 
    • Reenal, Priya, Mrinmayee 
  • Visualization of data structures
    • Kunal, Vikrant, Anuj
Dec 6Class Project Presentations
  • Projects and notes
  • Snap-together visualization UI
    • Rohit, Varun, Jeevak, Atul 
  • Visual Break-down analysis
    • Ganesh, Anusha, Muthukumar, Sandeep 
  • Human-eye view
    • Alex, Qiang, Ming, Vishal, Ahmed
  • Bioinformatics 
    • Quoc, Mudita, Dhananjay
  • CHI short papers due, Dec 7
Dec 11Class Project Presentations
  • Projects and notes
  • Meeting visualization and Chat visualization
    • Mahesh, Ben, Samal, Kuljeet, Harsha, Parool
  • Envision Digital libraries
    • Jun, Supriya, Abhishek, Anil
  • Maps and in-vehicle interfaces
    • Ying, Xueqi, Zhiping, Rui
Dec 18:    

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