cs5984: Information Visualization

Semester Project

Due Dates:

The goal of the semester project is to contribute original research to the field of information visualization.  This will involve teamwork, identifying an open problem in the field, learning about related research, developing a solution, and presenting results.

Project Proposal:

You will work in small groups of 2-4 students.  You should form groups yourselves, I can assist as needed.

Your first task will be to identify the problem you will work on, and propose a solution plan.  Most groups will propose to develop a new visualization tool or augment an existing tool to solve a visualization need.  Student groups without programming experience could propose an evaluation or empirical user study to compare visualizations or test a theory.  I encourage you to form mixed groups, that is, some students to focus on programming and other to focus on design, etc.  

I will provide a list of project ideas that you can choose from, or you can invent your own. I strongly encourage you to work on a problem this is relevant to other work you are doing (e.g. in your thesis research or other classes), or for a faculty member.  For newer students, this can provide an excellent trial or starting point for your own thesis work.

Each group should meet with me about your proposal ideas in advance.  I should not be surprised when I read your proposal!

Your proposal report should include:

Literature Review:

This is a short paper about the research that others have done that is related to your project.  You will need to search the scientific literature.  Useful starting points are the VT Library computer science section (which has links to the ACM and IEEE digital libraries), and any relevant references in papers that you discover, and other people who are experts in the domain. Be thorough!  You will be surprised how much similar work has been done previously.  Include pictures in your paper.  This paper will act as the Related Work section of your final paper.

Mid-Project Report:

This is a status report on the progress your group has made on the project so far.  The report should include:

Project Presentations:

At the end of the semester, your group will present its project to the class and any visitors we invite.  This should be a professional presentation that includes:

Project Paper:

Your group should write a high-quality paper about your project that can be submitted to a conference and posted on the web.  You can use the papers we have discussed in class as a guide.  The paper should include:

Good example papers are: