GUI Programming in C# .Net:  A Crash Course

(also available in Java)

Lecture Notes:

  1. Events:  intro, responding to user input
  2. Graphics:  basic 2D graphics painting
  3. Manipulation:  advanced user input and dynamic graphics, dragging
  4. MVC:  model-view-controller architecture
  5. Databases:  database access and basic visualization
  6. ASPX:  .Net active server pages

Code Samples:

  1. Draw:  basic graphics and user input
  2. Manip:  advanced user input, dragging graphics
  3. DynaGraphics:  graphics double buffering, animation (Visual Studio 2005)
  4. DragnDrop:  drag-n-drop between controls
  5. Visualization:  databases, graphics, and user input for data visualization
  6. Database:  database access, data binding
  7. Advanced Database:  dynamic parameterized queries, saving
  8. ASPX:  active server pages, database, rendering

Sample Data:  census (required for some of the code samples)
Snippets: some useful C# code snippets.


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