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Payel Bandyopadhyay graduates with MS Thesis

Congratulations to Payel who has defended and completed her MS Thesis on "Immersive Space to Think: the Role of 3D Immersive Space in Sensemaking of Textual Data”. She will start a new position at Microsoft soon. Congratulations, Payel!

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SAGE3 grant from NSF

Data visualization gets artificial intelligence boost with $5 million NSF grant

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Tianyi Li graduates with PhD, accepts faculty position at Loyola

Congratulations to Dr Tianyi Li (, who successfully defended her PhD dissertation entitled "Solving Mysteries with Crowds: Supporting Crowdsourced Sensemaking with a Modularized Pipeline and Context Slices". Her research crowdsourced the Sensemaking Loop by modularizing the process and the data in the form of context slices. Tianyi will begin as an Assistant Professor in at Loyola University Chicago in August 2020. Congrats, Tianyi!

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Moeti Masiane graduates with PhD

Dr. Moeti Masiane successfully defended and submitted his final PhD dissertation entitled "Insight Driven Sampling for Interactive Data Intensive Computing". His work lays new groundwork for enabling scientists to make more informed decisions about how high-resolution they should run their compute-intensive scientific simulations, based on visualization insight. He successfully defended on Zoom during the pandemic. Congratulations, Mo!

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John Wenskovitch wins PhD-Student-of-the-Year Award

Congratulations to John Wenskovitch, who won the award for "PhD Student of the Year" from the Department of Computer Science. The award was presented at the department's annual awards banquet, which was held virtually this year due to university closure. John completed and defended his dissertation in August 2019.

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Ming Wang completes MS Thesis

Ming Wang successfully defended her MS Thesis entitled "Bridging Cognitive Gaps Between User and Model in Interactive Dimension Reduction". Her work designed, developed, and evaluated several critical new user interface and functionality improvements to the Andromeda system for online multidimensional data visual analysis. She has accepted a software developer position at Congratulations, Ming! Her work is featured at:

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Michelle Dowling graduates with PhD, and accepts faculty position at GVSU

Michelle Dowling ( successfully defended and submitted her final dissertation entitled "Semantic Interaction for Symmetrical Analysis and Automated Foraging of Documents and Terms". Her research developed SIRIUS, Cosmos, and several other systems for analyzing multidimensional and textual data, by developing computational models that support the human sensemaking process.

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John Wenskovitch completed his PhD

John Wenskovitch ( successfully defended his dissertation on "Dimension Reduction and Clustering for Interactive Visual Analytics" in August 2019. He will join Virginia Tech as a Visiting Assistant Professor while he conducts an academic job search this year. He is currently designing a new introductory course sequence in Python for the Department of Computer Science.
Congratulations, Dr. Wenskovitch!

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