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Information Salience

Large collections of documents create a cumbersome comprehension task. To lighten the load, interactive computational techniques can create visual summaries of these documents. We conducted a study comparing document highlights from humans to document highlights from a salience algorithm. We are exploring interactive computational techniques identified from the study results as well as the modified salience algorithm within an interactive tool. We developed a salience tool that visualizes highlights based on percentages of users who found sentences salient.

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Collaborative Sensemaking

We studied co-located collaborative sensemaking on a large, high-resolution display and investigated the sensemaking strategies adopted, territorial behavior, and large display usage. The analysis was completed on a small dataset of 50 text-only documents, allowing the participants the ability to read all documents and synthesize their knowledge into a hypothesis within a two-hour time frame.

The preliminary results of this study were presented at INTERACT '11 in Lisbon, Portugal.

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