The GigaPixel Display Laboratory at Virginia Tech's Center for Human-Computer Interaction is a flexible facility supporting advanced research on future user interfaces and visualization.  The facility integrates a diverse equipment including:

Key unique features of the facility are:

The facility enables advanced research and applications of large-scale, high-resolution display and interaction:



Stackable rear-projection VisBlocks, by VisBox.  18 blocks can be arranged in various forms:

LCD tiled array, Linux desktop, using DMX and Chromium.  24 tiled LCDs can be reconfigured in flat or immersive curved forms:

Windows desktop, see Making a 0.01 GigaPixel

Cluster driven graphics:

Diverse input devices and user tracking equipment, including VICON system:


50 LCD tiled array, 100 MegaPixels, touchscreens, coming soon!



The GigaPixel Display Laboratory is available for use.  Current research projects using the facility can be found at: 

See also the Virginia Tech CAVE.



Corporate Research Center (CRC)
Knowledge Works II
2202 Kraft Drive
Blacksburg, VA
(540)xxx-xxxx (lab), or (540)231-9643 (Dr. Xiong and North)

Contact:  Chris North, Center for Human-Computer Interaction & Dept of Computer Science, Virginia Tech


This facility is constructed with support from:
National Science Foundation, National Geospatial-intelligence Agency, and ARDA