Analytics Education at Virginia Tech

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CMDA 3654: Intro to Data Analytics & Visualization

CMDA/CS/STAT 3654 is a new course, and part of the new CMDA undergraduate degree in Computational Modeling and Data Analytics.
It covers: Basic principles and techniques in data analytics; methods for the collection of, storing, accessing, processing, and analyzing standard-size and large datasets; data visualization; and identifying sources of bias. Applications to real-world case studies.
Typically taught in Spring semester.
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CS 5764: Information Visualization

Graduate course on the topic of Information Visualization, typically offered once a year.

Website for earlier sections of this class is here:

The website for new sections is on Scholar.

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CS 6604: Visual Analytics

Graduate special topics course on Visual Analytics. This course takes a look at the practice of visual analytics, including the use of structured analytic techniques used by practitioners, as well as the research issues in analytical reasoning, visual representations and interaction, and data transformation.
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CS 6724: Display Wall User Interfaces

Graduate special topics course on user interface issues for large high-resolution displays:

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User Interfaces

Undergraduate courses:
* CS 3724: Intro to HCI
* CS 3744: User Interface Programming

Workshop on User Interface Programming in Java and C#:

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