MS Theses

  • Payel Bandyopadhyay, "Immersive Space to Think: the Role of 3D Immersive Space in Sensemaking of Textual Data", July 2020.
  • Ming Wang, “Bridging Cognitive Gaps Between User and Model in Interactive Dimension Reduction”, May 2020.
  • Sidney Holman, “Entropy and Insight: Exploring how information theory can quantify sensemaking in visual analytics”, June 2018.
  • Adam Binford, “A Bidirectional Pipeline for Semantic Interaction in Visual Analytics”, August 2016.
  • Xin Chen, “Be the Data: Embodied Visual Analytics”, August 2016. (Co-advised with Leanna House)
  • Peng Mi, “GPU Based Methods for Interactive Information Visualization of Big Data”, December 2015. (Co-advised with Yong Cao)
  • Andre Esakia, “Large Display Interaction via Multiple Acceleration Curves on a Touchpad”, December 2013.
  • Kevin Logan, "SpatialHistory: Using Spatial Memory to Recall Information", Dec 2012.
  • Ji Wang, “Clustered Layout Word Cloud for User Generated Online Reviews”, May 2012.
  • Patrick Fiaux, “Solving Intelligence Analysis Problems using Biclusters”, Jan 2012.
  • David Machaj, “Co-Located Many-Player Gaming on Large High-Resolution Displays”, May 2009.
  • Sarah Peck, “A Multiscale Interaction Technique for Large, High-Resolution Displays”, May 2008.
  • Mehmet Celal Dasiyici, “Multi-Scale Cursor : Optimizing Mouse Interaction for Large Personal Workspaces”, May 2008.
  • Lauren Shupp, “The Effects of Curving Large, High-Resolution Displays on User Performance”, August 2006. [Outstanding Master’s Thesis Award by the VT Computer Science Buy modafinil no rx Department, May 2007] [nominated by Virginia Tech for the Conference of Southern Graduate Schools 2007 Innovative Application of Technology in a Master's Thesis Award.]
  • Sujatha Krishnamoorthy, “Designing Interactive Visualizations for First-time Novice Users”, December 2005.
  • Chris Catanzaro, “Vizability: Visualizing Usability Evaluation Data Based on the User Action Framework”, Spring 2005.
  • Kiran Indukuri, “Fusion: A Visualization Framework for Interactive Rule Mining with Applications to Bioinformatics”, Fall 2004.
  • John Costigan, “Applying Information Visualization Techniques to Visual Debugging”, Spring 2003.
  • Varun Saini, “Visualization Schemas: A User Interface Extending Relational Data Schemas for Flexible, Multiple-View Visualization of Diverse Databases”, Spring 2003.
  • Sanjini Jayaraman, “PolarEyez: A Radial Focus+Context Visualization for Multidimensional Functions”, Fall 2002.
  • Nathan Conklin, “A web-based, run-time extensible architecture for interactive visualization and exploration of diverse data”, Fall 2002. [Received the “Outstanding Graduate Research” award from the Computer Science Department, 2002.]

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