CHITA Project

Along with members of the BaVA Group and statistics students, we are working with General Dynamics to create a new data analytics system. This system pulls inspiration from other research projects, including the semantic interactions from StarSPIRE; object-level interaction, parametric-level interaction, and a strict "near equals similar" metaphor from Andromeda; multi-sourced data from Embers; and the 3D visualization capabilities of the Cube.

The goal of the CHITA Project is to create a system that uses interaction techniques similar to those from StarSPIRE and Andromeda to allow users to query for new information. These queries can either be performed via explicit searching or implicitly through visual foraging and interactions with the data points. The information pulled as a result of the query will be displayed "near equals similar" metaphor (like in Andromeda) to portray the relationships between pieces of information. Unlike these systems, the CHITA project also relies on multiple big data sources (like in Embers) rather than a single datasource. Furthermore, this project seeks to explore different visualization options, including web-based 2D visualizations and 3D augmented/virtual reality visualizations in the Cube.

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