Andromeda: Observation-Level and Parametric Interaction for Exploratory Data Analysis

TitleAndromeda: Observation-Level and Parametric Interaction for Exploratory Data Analysis
Publication TypeReport
Year of Publication2015
AuthorsSelf, JZ, House, L, Leman, S, North, C
InstitutionVirginia Tech
TypeTechnical Report

Exploring high-dimensional
number of dimensions in datasets increases, it becomes harder to discover patterns and develop insights. Dimension reduction algorithms, such as multidimensional scaling, support data explorations by reducing datasets to two dimensions for visualization. Because these algorithms rely on underlying parameterizations, they may be tweaked to assess the data from multiple perspectives. Alas, tweaking can be difficult for users without a strong knowledge base of the underlying algorithms. We present Andromeda, an interactive visual analytics tool we developed to enable non-experts of statistical models to explore domain- specific, high-dimensional data. This application implements interactive weighted multidimensional scaling (WMDS) and allows for both parametric and observation- level interaction to provide in-depth data exploration. In this paper, we present the results of a controlled usability study assessing Andromeda. We focus on the comparison of parametric interaction, observation-level interaction and a combination of the two.

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