ReCloud: Semantics-Based Word Cloud Visualization of User Reviews

User reviews, like those found on Yelp and Amazon, have become an important reference for decision making in daily life, for example, in dining, shopping and entertainment. However, large amounts of available reviews make the reading process tedious. Existing word cloud visualizations attempt to provide an overview. However their randomized layouts do not reveal content relationships to users. In this paper, we present ReCloud, a word cloud visualization of user reviews that arranges semantically related words as spatially proximal.

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Welcome to the InfoVis Lab at Virginia Tech, led by Dr. Chris North. It is part of the Discovery Analytics Center and Dept of Computer Science.

The major themes of our research are: big data visualization and analytics, usable interactive human-in-the-loop analytics, novel display and interaction techniques, large high-resolution display workspaces, visual text analytics.


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Alex Endert wins IEEE VGTC Best Doctoral Dissertation Award

Congratulations to lab alumnus Alex!

Alex Endert was awarded the first annual IEEE VGTC Best Doctoral Dissertation Award. The award was presented at the IEEE VIS Conference in October 2013. Alex completed his dissertation in Computer Science at Virginia Tech in August 2012, under advisor Chris North. His dissertation is entitled "Semantic Interaction for Visual Analytics: Inferring Analytical Reasoning for Model Steering". Alex also won the Best Dissertation Award in the Department of Computer Science.

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VIS 2013

Lab students and alumni to present two papers at IEEE VAST 2013 in Atlanta in October:

Semantics of Directly Manipulating Spatializations
Xinran Hu, Lauren Bradel, Dipayan Maiti, Leanna House, Chris North, Scotland Leman

The Impact of Physical Navigation on Spatial Organization for Sensemaking
Christopher Andrews, Chris North

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Ji Wang wins Yelp Data Challenge Grand Prize!

Student Ji Wang was awarded the Grand Prize award for the Yelp Data Challenge, based on his MS thesis work on spatially organized word clouds for context in customer reviews.

Details here:

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