Analyst's workspace: Protecting vastopolis

Andrews C, Hossain MS, Gad S, Ramakrishnan N, North C. Analyst's workspace: Protecting vastopolis. In: Visual Analytics Science and Technology (VAST), 2011 IEEE Conference on. Visual Analytics Science and Technology (VAST), 2011 IEEE Conference on. ; 2011. p. 323-324.


The InfoVis lab group is reading and discussing a series of papers concerning visual analytics of big data. Feel free to join us during our regularly scheduled lab meetings.

Spring 2015:

February 3: Xin
Danyel Fisher, Rob DeLine, Mary Czerwinski, and Steven Drucker, Interactions with Big Data Analytics, in ACM Interactions, ACM, May 2012

Lab events at VIS 2014

VAST TVCG Paper: A Five-Level Design Framework for Bicluster Visualizations
Authors: Maoyuan Sun, Chris North, Naren Ramakrishnan

VAST Conference Paper: Multi-Model Semantic Interaction for Text Analytics
Authors: Lauren Bradel, Chris North, Leanna House, Scotland Leman

VAST Challenge Poster: Event-based Visual Analytics for VAST Challenge 2014
Authors: Ji Wang, Lauren Bradel, Peng Mi, Chris North

VIS 2014 MeetUp: Visual Analytics in the Classroom
Organizer: L. House, S. Leman, C. North, L. Bradel

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Event-Based Text Visual Analytics

Wang J, Bradel L, North C. Event-Based Text Visual Analytics. In: VAST Challenge 2014. VAST Challenge 2014. Paris, France; 2014. p. .

Event-based Visual Analytics for VAST Challenge 2014

We present an event-based approach for solving a directed sensemaking task in which we combine powerful information foraging tools with intuitive synthesis spaces to solve the VAST 2014 Mini-Challenge 1 (MC1). A combination of student-created and commericially available software are used to solve various aspects of the scenario.


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Team awarded NSF Big Data grant

BIGDATA: F: DKA: Usable Big Data Analytics via Multi-Scale Visual to Parametric Interaction (MV2PI)

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