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Lab members at IEEE VIS 2018

IEEE VIS Conference 2018 in October

SIRIUS: Dual, Symmetric, Interactive Dimension Reductions
Authors: Michelle Dowling, John Wenskovitch, J.T. Fry, Leanna House, Scotland Leman, Chris North

The Effect of Semantic Interaction on Foraging in Text Analysis
Authors: John Wenskovitch, Lauren Bradel, Michelle Dowling, Leanna House, Chris North

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Lab member John Wenskovitch wins the CS Dept Graduate Student Service Award

John Wenskovitch is recognized at the department awards banquet on April 26, 2018 for his extensive service to the department and university this year. Among other things John led the Grad Council, initiated the highly-regarded graduate panel events, and played a major role in the graduate recruiting event. On top of all that, he is a general all-around awesome dude at VT.

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Caleb Reach graduates with PhD, accepts position at Google NYC

Caleb Reach successfully completed and defended his dissertation, entitled "Smooth Interactive Visualization". His dissertation developed a formal methodology for smoothness in interactive visualization based on signal processing theory. Congratulations, Caleb!

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Xin Chen awarded Best MS Thesis Award

Xin Chen was awarded the Best MS Thesis Award for 2016-2017 from the Dept of Computer Science at Virginia Tech. Xin's research, called "Be the Data", enabled students to embody high-dimensional data points to explore data analytics concepts such as dimension reduction. Using her system, she conducted numerous educational workshops, totaling hundreds of students ranging from 3rd graders to undergraduates.

Congratulations Xin!

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Lab alumnus Jessica Zeitz Self featured in VT news

Jessica completed her PhD in CS at VT in May 2016, and is now a faculty member in CS at Mary Washington University.

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Lab at VIS2016

Lab student members and alumni reunion at IEEE VIS 2016 in Baltimore.
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Maoyuan Sun accepts faculty position at UMass Dartmouth

Congratulations to Dr. Maoyuan Sun, who completed his PhD in August 2016 on interactive visual analytics with biclusters. He joins the Computer and Information Science Department at the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth as an Assistant Professor.

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Xin Chen and Adam Binford graduate

Congratulations to two wonderful lab members who completed their MS theses in summer 2016 and graduated:

Xin Chen defended her MS Thesis on "Be the Data", and accepted a position at Bloomberg.

Adam Binford defended his MS Thesis on software architectures for semantic interaction, and will work in the DC area.

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Dr. Jessica Zeitz Self accepts faculty position at Mary Washington

Congratulations to Jessica Self, creator of the Andromeda visual analytics tool, who completed her PhD and accepted a faculty position as Assistant Professor of Computer Science at the University of Mary Washington, her alma mater school.

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