Pixel-Oriented Treemap for Display Ecologies

The data set for the VAST Challenge 2012 Mini Challenge 1 (MC1) requires a large scale situation awareness analysis to understand a large data set containing the network health and activity status of approximately one million online devices for three days. One of the tables in the dataset contains 158,530,955 records and the devices can be ordered by hierarchically based on business units and facilities. So the main visualization challenge was to support very large quantities of hierarchical information. To analyze such big data, we developed a pixel-oriented visualization with a Treemap layout [1], which is designed specifically for use on large, high-resolution displays, and the visualizations also allow the employment of personal devices including laptops, desktops, and even tablets as well as a large display to analyze data collaboratively. The system consists of two main views: the Overview and Detail views. The Overview visualization on the large screen display allows multiple users to explore high level patterns through an aggregated view, while the Detail view enables users to examine the detailed information of each device through a coordinated pixel map on individual computers. The combination of the individual and shared visualization spaces allows for the distribution of analysis tasks among analysts thereby promoting improved efficiency in analyses of a large data set.

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